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9 January, 2019

How can you sell a house fast? Home staging

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9 January, 2019

Sell your house in less time and with more profit by applying these basic home staging techniques.

Many of the questions asked by people trying to sell their house can be answered by what is known as Home Staging. This idea, which is relatively new to our country, emerged in the 1970s in the United States and refers to a series of techniques aimed at improving the image of houses that are for sale or rent in order to reach a greater number of potential customers. Discover all its tricks!


What is home staging?

When you imagine homes for sale, don’t countless snapshots of houses pour into your mind? Some invite us to dream, others to run in the opposite direction, but the truth is that they are all supposed to be the showcases that their owners are using to try to capture your attention as a potential customer. It is for exactly this reason that home staging works since, in practice, it includes a set of marketing techniques applied to the real estate market.

The idea of this increasingly popular method is to show houses that are for sale or rent in a way that ensures that owners will receive the most profit in the least amount of time possible. By using ideas like the depersonalisation of areas, reorganisation, repairing small damages, cleaning, and organising or creating balanced and harmonic spaces, experts in home staging can enhance the strong points of any property and lessen the attention given to its weaker areas.


These types of projects are even more important when a person is selling and buying a house at the same time. In these cases, obtaining the best results, both economically and in terms of time, may be a very important. Professional home staging will help you sell your home in less time, making it possible to get better results and reach a higher number of potential clients.

However, even though ‘before and after’ home staging projects are usually used for houses being sold, there are other ways to take advantage of this idea. Any property that you intend to sell or rent, whether it is a flat, a commercial location, an office or anything similar, could benefit from this method used to transform spaces.

In fact, today the term is even being reinvented by some who are calling it ‘stage your home for living’, which is really nothing more than applying these same techniques to homes that are intended for normal use.

Home Staging: before and after

Contrary to what some people may believe, home staging quite a bit different than interior decoration. Basically, decorating is creating personalised environments that are adapted to the particular tastes of each person, while before and after home staging projects are meant to turn a house into a neutral but cosy space, an ideal setting for anyone to live in, a place where you could imagine drinking your coffee or waking up in a bedroom full of light.

The idea of home staging emerged in the 1970s in the United States and refers to a series of techniques aimed at improving the image of houses that are for sale or rent

There are a large variety of resources at your disposal to apply this set of techniques to the homes you are selling. However, if you are not sure how to sell a house the way that you would like, it would be best to seek the advice of a professional. In any case, these keys to before and after home staging projects should help you:

  • Organize and clear out: This is one of the basic steps in every before and after home staging project. The idea is to organize spaces without over filling them. Just a few pieces of well-chosen and simple furniture would be best. Minimum investment, maximum results.
  • Provisional furniture: Taking advantage of existing elements is another real estate marketing trick that is used under this idea of home staging. However, if the house has no available furniture, you can always ‘simulate’ it. A couch made of cardboard boxes but covered with a beautiful cover, or an inflatable mattress covered with a drop-dead gorgeous blanket could be all you need to captivate your buyers. You aren’t selling your furniture; you’re selling your house.
  • Neutral colours: In interior decoration there is no limit to possible colour variations, but when you want to capture the attention of potential buyers, it’s better to use neutral tones. Maximize spatial perception and fill areas with light.
  • Details: Depersonalising houses that are for sale does not mean you should skip over details. In fact, the little nuances are essential when it comes to creating an attractive environment. Candles, plants, a picture or even a table set in the dining room are common tools used by experts to help buyers imagine themselves living in a home that has been staged for sale.

So, now are you ready to quickly sell your house? Put these simple tricks into practice or seek the advice of an expert and you’ll be sure to sell your house in record time with maximum profit.

Home staging projects are meant to turn a house into a neutral, cosy and ideal space to live in

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