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5 July, 2017

Costa del sol: so far yet so near

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5 July, 2017

<span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Spain is a diverse country. Yet even though Spain has a lot to offer, there’s one place in particular to which both tourists and the Spanish seem to be most attracted to; Costa del Sol, one of the very few European place where the sun’s shining up to 300 days every year.</span>

The Costa del Sol is part of the Andalucía region in the South of Spain, both rich in culture and identity. With a coastline extending from the Maro cliffs in the East to Punta Chullera in the West, there’s more natural splendour to the region than sandy beaches and crystal blue Mediterranean waters only. Cliffs, estuaries and dunes also colour the landscape, alongside small villages and towns parading their typically white colored houses, flowery window boxes and palm trees popping up at every corner.

Just outside more touristic places like Torremolinos, San Pedro de Alcántara, Fuengirola, the coast of Estepona maintained the typical Andalusian charm. With a history rooted in what used to be a series of small fishing settlements, Estepona is an oasis of tranquility; a place where people are obliged to take some time to rest away from the frenzy of contemporary times. There’s the old town center with its narrow streets, small gems in places where you’d least expect them and warm and welcoming people.

Seemingly isolated from everything, Estepona still has everything nearby. Located near Marbella, the playground of the rich and famous since the 1950s, Estepona is only a 10 minute ride from celebrity spotting in the marina, shopping in designer boutiques or sampling one of the many seaside restaurants. Then when the sun goes down the nightclubs come to life. Yet the traditional will always go hand in hand with comfort and luxury here, making Estepona a place where everyone can find what they are looking for.

Those who’ve already been to Spain have probably experienced the Mediterranean ‘gusto’ for good food and afternoon siestas. Having lunch with family or drinks with friends in one of the main occupations when going to the Costa del Sol, and here they do so in chiringuitos (bars on the beach looking out on the ocean’s waves). On the menu is a mixture of Spanish, Jewish and Arabic traditions, mainly centered around -how could it not- seafood and the exquisite simplicity of tapas.

There is a famous saying in the Spanish real estate world: “What Marbella does anticipates what the rest of the real estate market will do”, Expansión reports.

The Guardian shows how this corner of Spain has it all: ‘Ancient mountain villages, beautiful natural parks, white sandy beaches, and delicious local products’.

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