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16 March, 2020

COVID 19 Release

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16 March, 2020


In accordance with the latest health recommendations and the measures adopted to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, Metrovacesa has temporarily closed all its sales points in Spain until the situation returns to normal.

Metrovacesa maintains the firm responsibility to continue offering our services and fulfilling our commitments to all our customers, while maintaining the security of our teams and all those with whom we interact. For this reason, we have a solid Business Continuity Plan, as well as all the necessary technological resources, which allow us to guarantee the continuity of our services in their entirety.

The entire Metrovacesa’s team is accessible and operational, with the same dedication and commitment as always, and can be reached at the usual telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Trusting that this situation will be solved as soon as possible with everyone’s commitment, we send a big hug and lots of encouragement to all of you,


Metrovacesa team,


You can download the legal bases of the campaign Promote Confidence

Conditions of The Promote Confidence campaign plan


Our commitment to help you to start a new life in a home that meets your expectations, does not cease, so we will attend you personally with our

Customer Experience team from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm Monday to Saturday

by phone +34 900 55 25 25 or by email clientes@metrovacesa.com,

and uninterruptedly on our website.

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