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15 May, 2019

How can you decorate a small patio?

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15 May, 2019

Colour, furniture, plants, and even lighting are just a few ways you can create your own outdoor style when you decorate a patio
More daylight hours, higher temperatures, and a change of wardrobe all mean one thing is for sure: spring is here to stay. Coming right alongside the new season (and the promise of a soon to arrive summer), outdoor spaces are reclaiming their position and, of course, begging us for ideas to decorate patios.
Is yours ready to go yet? After the winter hibernation it’s time to start preparing those outdoor areas that almost always add value to any home. When the weather decides to cooperate, our patios, balconies and gardens offer the perfect setting for all types of meetings and relaxing moments, all while enjoying the outdoors and at the same time being surrounded by the privacy of our homes.
The main challenge when it comes to deciding how to equip your outdoor areas is, without a doubt, your available space. But does that mean that you should give up on the idea of having an inspiring environment just because your space is limited? Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you’re thinking about how to decorate a small patio, you have come to the right place. So, take out your pencil and paper because we’ve prepared a great selection of ideas for decorating patios that’s suitable for all areas and all budgets.


Furniture for a small patio

Having little space doesn’t always have to be a problem. In fact, this can translate into savings when you’re thinking about furniture for a small patio. The key is to find a balance between design and functionality so that the elements you choose will let you enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.
Do you just want to be able to chill out? Try using sofas in small patios. Is your idea to be able to enjoy your breakfast or snacks with beautiful views? Just a simple table and some chairs could be all you need to add a personal touch to the furniture selection for your small patio. The possibilities are endless, and you can find ideas that suit all styles and budgets.
Furniture made with pallets or recycled materials, for example, is an interesting alternative if, in addition to functionality, you’re looking for ideas that can add a unique aesthetic value to the way you decorate your patios. But if the latest do it yourself craze isn’t appealing to you, it wouldn’t hurt to check into multifunctional furniture that can help you make the best use of space: sofas for small patios that hide refrigerators inside of them, tables that turn into cupboards, etc. There really are some amazing ideas out there.


Having only a small amount of space doesn’t always have to be a problem.

Other ideas to decorate patios

In your effort to search out the best ideas to decorate patios, remember that small details make big differences. Why not put some adhesive vinyl on your floors in order to create a different look? How about filling the area with colour by using a nice selection of plants for small patios?
Decorating your patio walls is another task that should be included on your list of ‘essentials’. It’s not about turning your walls into an art gallery (which is another possibility), but rather adding nuances to them that create atmosphere. Stone cladding, a vertical garden or a string of lights, for example, are easy solutions that you could use when decorating patio walls to achieve sweeping effects.


OPlants for a small patio

Vegetation is another ingredient in the recipe for success when you are trying to answer the question of how to decorate small patios. Their contribution goes beyond the positive effects that plants have on our moods and our feeling of well-being, and if well-chosen they can contribute significantly to the charm of your outdoor spaces.
When choosing the best plants for small patios, not only the space itself is involved. The weather, the amount of sun the area receives and the time you want to spend taking care of it will also be key to making a good decision. Do you want to turn your small patio into a garden, or simply add a fresh touch to the area? It’s up to you!
If you know that the sun will shine relentlessly on your patio, it would be best to find plants that can resist its constant burn. Lavender, petunias and geraniums, for example, are among the most grateful, even when working with a small patio with good sunshine. And even if flowers are not your cup of tea, boxwood or bamboo can be great additions to your small patio plant family.
Other species that you could consider (although they require more attention) are hydrangeas, jasmine and begonia. If you’re looking to add some pleasant aromas to your small patio, there is nothing better than adding some peppermint, a classic aromatic plant that is both resistant and colourful and that will make your small patio more attractive than ever.

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