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4 October, 2018

What is the best direction for a house to face?

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4 October, 2018

When you think about purchasing a home, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Isn’t it true that we often focus our attention on things like square footage, layout or quality of materials?

We almost always minimize the idea of deciding which direction our homes should face, something that really is very basic to the process of buying a house. Even though at first this may seem like an unimportant issue, the truth is that it has a direct effect on a house’s energy consumption, and it can even be a key factor in the design and decoration of home interiors.

The direction that a home faces directly effects energy savings

Finding a properly facing home can help you reduce energy consumption by up to 70%!

This is largely since both air conditioning and heating systems depend largely on factors such as light and heat provided by the sun. Also, you’ve no doubt noticed on more than one occasion that rooms that receive a large amount of sunlight tend to fell more spacious and cosier.

Even though there are no specific best criteria for this decision, there are certain key factors that can help you determine the best direction for a house to face. The choice is based on criteria that range from the climate where the building is located to your home’s floor plan, and includes each person’s needs or personal tastes, among other factors. Would you like to learn more? Keep reading!

Facing south is perfect if your house is in a place with cold weather.

Why choose to face your home south?

When trying to decide on the best direction for a house to face, colour issues should be set aside, and more practical factors should be taken into consideration. Facing south is perfect if your house is in a place with cold weather.

The reason is simply that, in houses that face south, the sun will shine all day long during almost the entire year. You should remember that you can reduce energy consumption by up to 33% if you use awnings or solar resistant windows.

In houses that face south, the sun will shine all day long during almost the entire year

Among the advantages of facing your home south is the fact that interior areas will receive a lot of light. In terms of design, this translates into cosy and warm atmospheres where heat captured during the day is released at night.

Advantages of choosing a north facing home

It is uncommon to choose a north facing home when considering the best direction to face a house. However, this does have its advantages. Even though it may seem odd, the main advantage is the fact that a north facing home provides even light throughout the entire day – have you ever noticed that? In practice, a north facing home helps ensure that spaces only suffer from direct sunlight in the morning and afternoon during summertime.

This is one option to consider, especially if your house is in an area with very warm weather.

The main attraction of facing east is that sunshine is limited to mornings

East facing benefits

The main attraction of facing east is that sunshine is limited to mornings. Rooms in your house that face east will enjoy full light until mid-day, doesn’t that sound great? Being sunlit all morning makes these areas accumulate heat that can be gradually released during the afternoon which, in short, results in energy savings and lower utility bills. All of this, combined with attractive decorations, could be all you need to get that perfect design.

In short, an east facing home can be a good alternative to south facing one, especially if you live in a hot climate.

When would it be best to choose a west facing home?

This option is not very popular, although facing west also offers certain benefits that depend, above all, on the weather where you live and your daily routines. Unlike homes that face east, the sun will shine into a west facing home from noon until sunset, that is, during the hottest time of day, making this option best for cold climates but definitely not good if you live in an area with suffocating heat.

The direction your home faces is not the only factor that can make for cosy or energy efficient interiors. Do you have a pencil and paper ready? Get ready to take notes. Factors such as the quality of your home’s materials, doors and windows play a fundamental role in creating a pleasant climate in your house. The key is knowing how to combine the direction you’ve decided to face your house with appropriate tools to create the perfect home as far as attractiveness and sustainability.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each of these ideas, what do you think is the best direction to face your house?

A north facing house provides even lighting throughout the day

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