Metrovacesa signs up to Alastria to develop projects based on blockchain

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8 June, 2018

Metrovacesa commits to PayThunder and La Salle’s international social innovation project

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8 June, 2018

  • The clients of Metrovacesa’s developments in Cordoba and Rota, 343 homes in all, can now participate in this solidarity project.


Madrid, 7 June 2018. Metrovacesa, a major real estate company in Spain, has strengthened its activity in Cordoba through an innovation agreement with PayThunder, the Spanish startup founded in Cordoba, and through a social collaboration project with La Salle School as well.


The PayThunder collaboration to development joint innovation projects will enable Metrovacesa to continue boosting its Research and Development activity, while simultaneously promoting the economy and high-potential entrepreneurs in the areas where it does business. To carry out its innovation projects, Metrovacesa continues to focus on an open innovation model combining internal and external profiles, sector experts with technological startups, universities and prestigious architects.


“In the context of growing sophistication in cities through varied technological applications to improve public services, private-public collaboration and the association of companies with different profiles is essential,” commented Juan Núñez, the Director of Operations at Metrovacesa. The agreement between Metrovacesa and PayThunder is a reflection of this new ecosystem, because the startup specialises in technologies whose objective is improving the client’s experience and it has won Silicon Valley awards for its mobile payment system using ultrasound, solutions for Smart Cities, mobility, etc. The first joint Metrovacesa-PayThunder initiative was presented at last week’s Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition (SIMA), where the real estate company’s stand included an artificial intelligence hologram that told clients about the different Metrovacesa properties.

“In the context of growing sophistication in cities through varied technological applications to improve public services, private-public collaboration and the association of companies with different profiles is essential,”

Metrovacesa has also reached an agreement with PayThunder and La Salle School, so that parents purchasing a home from the real estate company can obtain special services. This initiative is part of the PayThunder Social project, in which clients using the PayThunder system in associated firms always obtain improved service or discounts, which are for social project activities. All the proceeds are used to fund study scholarships for disadvantaged families. “The agreement with PayThunder and La Salle faithfully reflects Metrovacesa values, as this project combines our client-centred focus with support for Spanish entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and commitment in the communities where we work,” indicates Carmen Chicharro, the Director of Innovation and Marketing at Metrovacesa. The project was born in Cordoba with the goal of scaling first to the national and then to the international level.




Metrovacesa will participate in this project via its current three housing developments in Cordoba, with a total de 184 homes of different types. They all feature attractive designs and satisfy strict sustainability standards. The developments consist of Villas de Alhakén, with 21 townhouses in the heart of El Brillante (very near La Salle School), having more than 8,000 m2 of green spaces; Mirador de la Albaida, a complex of 40 flats in José Aguilar de Dios Street; and Las Terrazas de Poniente Sur, located in the fastest-growing area in the western part of the city, consisting of 123 multi-family flats. In addition to these Cordoba property developments, Metrovacesa has another two projects in Rota that are also associated with the PayThunder Social plan: the Pier 1 complex, made up of 79 flats; and Punta Terraces, with 80 multi-family homes.



About Metrovacesa:

Metrovacesa is the leading real estate developer in Spain. With 100 years of history, its main business is the development and sale of residential properties, complemented by the development of commercial projects and active land management. It currently holds the largest developable land stock in Spain, with a total surface area of more than six million square metres of buildable space, facilitating the development of 37,500 homes nationwide. Its gross asset value (GAV) amounted to 2,626 million euros as of December 2017. Its geographical scope is both unique and balanced, with a particular emphasis on certain large cities. It also operates in leading tourist destinations and smaller cities that offer great potential. The company expects to reach cruising speed in 2021, delivering 4,500-5,000 dwellings a year. Metrovacesa has a team with extensive experience in the sector and a workforce of more than 100 employees.


For further information on Metrovacesa:

Atenea Egido: / +34 91 702 71 70

Clara Eguiagaray: / +34 91 702 71 70

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