Metrovacesa allies with Datacasas Proptech to market homes in the metaverse. First Spanish developer to access this virtual space.

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7 February, 2022 · 3 mins reading time
  • This new step reinforces Metrovacesa and Datacasas Proptech’s leading position in innovation and makes them the first companies to market properties in the metaverse. Users can obtain digital information about the properties, be attended by a virtual salesperson and carry out the reservation process remotely.
  • Both companies join other large companies from different sectors that are already present in the metaverse marketing their products and services.
  • This proof of concept begins with the promotion of Málaga Towers in the Decentraland metaverse community, with the possibility of accessing other virtual worlds in the future.

Madrid, February 7, 2022. Metrovacesa, a leading real estate developer in Spain with more than 100 years of history, in alliance with Datacasas Proptech, a Spanish startup specialized in online property sales, will market the homes developed by the developer in the metaverse. In this way, Metrovacesa becomes the first Spanish developer to access this virtual space and sell its real properties.
The metaverse, which is defined as the convergence of physical and virtual reality in a space of interaction, is currently in full expansion and brings together an increasing number of companies from different sectors of activity that are not only present in the metaverse, but also market their products or services. Anyone can have access to this universe in a very simple way and it could be likened to walking through a shopping mall designed in 3D. The user registers in one of the platforms, in this case Decentraland, creates his avatar and can walk through the metaverse and interact with the companies that have bought or rented land there.
Specifically, Metrovacesa and Datacasas Proptech have designed and created a virtual building that can be walked through in a simple and interactive way and in which information about the Málaga Towers project, located in Málaga, its 3D model, videos of the project and plans can be viewed. The user can also be attended by a virtual salesperson and learn the next steps to book one of the homes, if the customer requires it, in a 100% digital process. Link to enter the metaverse:
Metrovacesa began four years ago to carry out projects in Blockchain, specifically: tokenization of assets, traceability of the milestones of the promotion process, integration of technology with BIM, certification of its DOMUM sustainable commitment and tokenization of a participative loan. These experiences place the developer in a solid position to understand the technology on which the metaverse is based and capitalize on it, since any transaction in metaverse is developed with virtual currencies, through ‘smart contracts’, as well as with NFTs (non-fungible tokens), i.e. unique digital assets.
Real estate activity in the metaverse is increasing and proof of this is that investments in virtual land and buildings have been formalized for a value of more than 500 million dollars in 2021, reaching 85 million dollars in January 2022 and with forecasts to reach 1,000 million dollars in the entire fiscal year .
Carmen Chicharro, Commercial, Marketing and Innovation Director of Metrovacesa, has highlighted that “From the field of innovation, our goal with this proof of concept is to create in the metaverse a laboratory in which to test: a new relationship channel with a 100% digital customer profile and its desirability towards the acquisition of a physical or virtual home, forms of payment and investment through NFTs, in short, to analyze whether in the metaverse there is a new business model. The alliance with Datacasas reinforces our open innovation strategy and our commitment to Spanish proptech”.
For his part, Santiago Cabezas-Castellanos, CEO of Datacasas Proptech, pointed out that “We are the first Proptech to market physical world properties from the metaverse. In 2021 we have sold new build properties for a volume of more than 12 million euros, many of them through the client’s cell phone. The blockchain will change everything in the real estate world, and Datacasas Proptech, together with Metrovacesa, will be leading this transformation.”