Metrovacesa starts marketing its second development in Benicassim: Villas del Mar, 18 single-family homes on the beachfront.

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23 May, 2023

Metrovacesa contributes 160,000 tonnes of sand to the Malaga coastline

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23 May, 2023

  • During the last 5 years, the company has recovered beach sand from the earthworks produced by its projects in Torre del Río, Halia and Málaga Towers, after passing the corresponding biological tests and controls.
  • The earthworks and land management have been carried out by the specialized company Benalvalle in collaboration with Sacyr, the construction company of the two developments.
  • This sand has been provided free of charge to the port authorities and Costas for the regeneration of the beaches in the area.
  • This action highlights Metrovacesa’s commitment to sustainability and its commitment to the implementation of a circular model, where the use of resources and waste management are optimized to mitigate the environmental impact.

Malaga, 23 May 2023. Metrovacesa, the leading real estate developer in Spain, with more than one hundred years of history and more than 120 projects under development nationwide, has donated in the last five years more than 160,000 tons of sand free of charge to the Port Authorities and Costas for the regeneration of the beaches of the coast of Malaga. This sustainable action, focused on regenerating the sandbanks of the beaches in the area, arose after the earthworks carried out by the specialist firm Benalvalle and derive from the construction works of two of Metrovacesa’s projects in the area of Torre del Río, in Málaga. The execution of the works for these projects has been carried out by Sacyr.

Not all the excavated material is suitable for this use, as 25% is discarded and transported to authorized landfills for proper treatment, but all the donated sand has passed the corresponding tests and biological controls.

This donation reinforces Metrovacesa’s commitment to sustainability and to implement actions that promote the circular economy of all the work involved in the construction of its developments.

The company also works to defend a sustainable business model that is committed to increasing sustainability in all its developments, directing efforts towards mitigating and adapting to climate change, ensuring the well-being of its customers, caring for and empowering its human capital, extending sustainability to its supply chain and promoting sustainable urban development. At a time when cities face enormous challenges in adapting to the effects of climate change or advancing in decarbonization and other ecological challenges, Metrovacesa wants to work to make the areas in which it develops its projects healthier and more inclusive cities.

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Metrovacesa presents more than 474 homes at SIMA in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga

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