Metrovacesa increases its net profit by 64.6% and announces the distribution of 159 million euros in dividends

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1 November, 2022

Metrovacesa launches an initiative to promote sustainable habits among its employees

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1 November, 2022

  • For the second consecutive year, the developer has teamed up with DoGood People software to make sustainability part of the daily lives of all its employees.


  • This initiative is a further step in Metrovacesa’s sustainability strategy, ESG24, which aims to preserve environmental respect and social commitment as key elements in the company’s activity.

Madrid, 02 November 2022. Metrovacesa, a real estate developer with more than 100 years of history and more than 120 projects under development nationwide, has launched for the second consecutive year an initiative together with DoGood People, a firm specialising in software development to promote sustainability in companies, with the aim of involving its employees in the company’s sustainability strategy (ESG24) and reinforcing its strategic axes in this area.

Sustainability is a cross-cutting factor in the company and, following last year’s success, Metrovacesa remains committed to training its employees in this area. Thus, with their participation in the form of small sustainable daily gestures that respond to challenges launched by the DoGood app, all associated with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), employees achieve positive impacts in the environmental and social spheres, which are digitised.

During the last edition, Metrovacesa employees managed to save 1,215 kg of CO2 and more than 1,000 litres of water, and reduced more than 20 tonnes of other waste.

With this initiative, Metrovacesa is committed to environmental respect and social commitment as key elements in its daily activity, joining knowledge and innovation networks that have a positive impact on local communities and the quality of life in cities.

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