Metrovacesa develops with some thirty startups its new challenge ‘Sustainability applied to housing’

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31 May, 2019

Metrovacesa presents ‘Play Your House’: Play with your home before you buy it!

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31 May, 2019

  • The Torres del Cel development has been ‘rebuilt’ in the form of three videogames
  • Three YouTubers have adapted the original plans of the project to the specifics of each game
  • They have ‘rebuilt’ 98 homes in the development as accurately as possible, reflecting the layouts, surroundings, choice of materials, etc.

Metrovacesa, one of the longest-standing real estate developers in Spain, continues to look towards the future and imbues everything it undertakes with innovation, from products and processes through to communications.

Play Your House is proof of this approach: a unique project in the sector in which the Spanish firm has recreated one of its most iconic developments, Torres del Cel, in the form of three intriguing videogames.

Three YouTubers – Artic Kraft, Carlos Castle and Ainu – took on the challenge of adapting the original plans of the development to the specifics of each game. In doing so, they benefited from the collaboration of the team at Metrovacesa, who shared with them the original project and helped them to prepare the process of recreating Torres del Cel for the virtual world.

Play Your House seeks to create a new way of showcasing the brand’s assets, creating interactive experiences that take place in an environment that its clients are already familiar with and offering brand new and entertaining content.

It offers users the chance to learn more about the apartments with all their different materials and finishes, as well as interact with the setting, explore communal areas such as the garage level, or move freely around the whole development.

The plans are available on the website. In addition to an explanation of how to play the game, which you will need to download, you can see some of the decoration ideas created by different players, who have made the Torres del Cel apartments their own by decorating and personalizing them to their own tastes.

What are you waiting for? Log on to and ‘play’ your house before you buy it!

“Users can learn more about the 98 apartments that make up Torres del Cel by playing their favourite videogames, interacting with the setting and moving freely around the development.”

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