Metrovacesa y Finnovating remueven los cimientos del Real Estate con el primer laboratorio de Blockchain PropTech

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22 October, 2018

23 October, Real use cases Bockchain

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22 October, 2018

Metrovacesa presented real cases of blockchain technology applied to Real Estate. Two of its major innovation projects have now been developed: Digital identity in the customer experience and Tokenization of assets. This has demonstrated the existence of a solution for real estate tokenization and value verification.

The event gave the developer the opportunity to show its strength in innovation and position itself as an updated, technological company in its sector.

The format consisted of several exhibitions of blockchain applied to different sectors, where attendees were given access by means of a proprietary application to interact with speakers. Senior officials from the following national and international companies were present: Metrovacesa, Everis, Cecabank, Repsol, Alastria, Grant Thornton, Brickex, Finnovating, Blockchain España, Finweg, Conexo Ventures, Prontopiso, Ethic Hub, Saisho, Tutellus and Blockchain UST Global.

As the main sponsor of this first national event on real use cases of Blockchain, Metrovacesa participated in the talks on “Digital Identity in the customer experience”, which took place at 10:45 am, and “Tokenization of assets. The case of Metrovacesa”, which began at 12:20 pm.

In the first talk, Metrovacesa was represented by Juan Núñez, Director of Operations, and Carmen Chicharro, Director of Innovation and Marketing and chair for the event. The event also involved Carlos Pastor, leader of the Alastria Identity Commission, and Andrés Pla, CEO & Co-founder of Prontopiso. The talk examined Metrovacesa’s customer-focused innovation strategy with the offer of value-added for customers. The Metrovacesa project with Telefónica was also explained, which is set to use Alastria’s digital IDs, together with Metrovacesa’s project with Prontopiso. All of them implemented through Blockchain technology.

In the second talk, Metrovacesa was represented by Raquel Bueno, Director of Corporate Development, and Carmen Chicharro, who again chaired the event. The following also took part as guests: Luis Pastor, Partner Responsible for Technological Consulting and Innovation at Grant Thornton, Jeroen de Leijer, Founder of Brickex, and Jaime Fernández, Consultant of Proptech & Blockchain Strategy at Finnovating. The talk looked at the Proptech Blockchain map launched by Metrovacesa and Finnovating and analysed the Brickex platform used for asset tokenization in the project.

Finally, Jorge Pérez de Leza, CEO of Metrovacesa, ended the day by explaining his experience in Silicon Valley and the differences with the “innovation” today.

With this event, Metrovacesa continues to develop and achieve its goals: to offer the best possible customer service, guaranteeing satisfaction throughout the project and incorporating innovation and technology as value-added.

Together with a number of leading national and international experts from various sectors, the company is to take part in the event by looking at cases of blockchain implementation in the Real Estate sector.

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