Choosing between aluminium or PVC windows

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21 November, 2018 · 4 mins reading time

Windows are an essential element within the context of any home. Their role transcends the mere connection to the outside world, they also guarantee the privacy and energy efficiency of the house. Sooner or later, you will have to deal with the issue of choosing between aluminium or PVC windows.
But don’t fret, aesthetics is not at odds with functionality and, one or the other, offer interesting features that will allow you to incorporate into your interior design the comfort you are searching for to create a cosy environment.

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Types of windows

Before going into detail on the issues that can help you decide whether to opt for aluminium or PVC windows, it is important to be aware of the different criteria that apply when establishing the various window types available. Although the materials used in the profiles are important, this item is not the only thing to consider when making your choice.

Opening and closing system
This establishes a way to classify windows by differentiating mainly between sliding windows (whose sashes slide horizontally), bottom-hung, top-hung or side-hung casement windows, or tilt-and-turn windows, as well as fixed windows. One or the other offer differences in terms of soundproofing and acoustics, including also aspects related to the best thermal insulation.
This is another aspect to bear in mind because, based on the different types of glass, it can result in better thermal and acoustic insulation for the room. Weather conditions affecting the area in which you live, the space available in each room, as well as the use or security required are some factors that will help you choose between the different types of windows.

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Better thermal insulation

Aluminium windows provide some interesting features in terms of resistance to adverse weather conditions and temperature changes, in which case, those equipped with a thermal break (within this category) can offer better thermal insulation for the home.
However, PVC windows can improve thermal insulation by up to 50% compared to aluminium windows and by approximately 20% compared to wooden windows.

Soundproofing and acoustics

Aside from providing better thermal insulation, another aspect that can help you choose among the different types of windows is by considering their capacity for soundproofing and acoustics. In this sense, insulation is not a trivial issue and you will be thankful you paid due attention to this chapter, especially if you live in areas with a lot of noise or if you have neighbours who tend to be annoying.
Although in terms of design, aluminium windows as well as PVC windows offer interesting finishes, including few differences regarding maintenance of the same (their attractive look can be restored by simply cleaning with soap and water), in the chapter on acoustic insulation, PVC windows are more efficient. In fact, in their capacity for soundproofing and acoustics they are second to none compared with wooden windows.
But before deciding based on the performance of one or the other, keep in mind that there is a difference in the aging and resistance of materials. For example, aluminium windows do not hold up well under weather conditions typical of places such as the beach and the same happens with PVC windows in locations subject to extreme temperatures.


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PVC windows can improve thermal insulation by up to 50% compared to aluminium windows and by approximately 20% compared to wooden windows.

Wooden windows

With regard to profiles, besides aluminium or PVC windows, there are other types of windows that you can also take into consideration, especially, if you want to give a rustic atmosphere to the design of your home. We are referring to wooden windows, an aesthetically attractive option that, like the previous ones, has supporters and detractors.
Among their main benefits, we can point out the fact that they offer better thermal insulation than aluminium windows and, together with PVC windows, offer the greatest benefits in terms of soundproofing and acoustics for interiors. However, not everything is positive.
The main disadvantage of wooden windows is the price of the same, although their maintenance is not a simple matter either. Given that they are made of natural material, they are sensitive to adverse weather conditions or wear produced by the sun, moisture or insects, so if you decide to install wooden windows, you will have to apply the appropriate treatments to ensure their benefits.
Do you still have questions? Having the advice of a professional can help you in choosing between aluminium or PVC windows, although, remember that the final aim is to ensure the proper environment of the interior design of your home.

Aluminium windows do not hold up well under weather conditions typical of places such as the beach.