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2 January, 2019

Decoration trends in 2019

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2 January, 2019

Do you know the latest trends in wall decoration? What materials will play a major role this season? What colours are trending now? Decorating a house is the closest thing to successfully completing a puzzle that reinvents itself over time and, new houses, are a blank canvas on which to let your imagination fly.

If you are one of those persons who keeps up with every detail of the latest industry developments and have decided to incorporate these new trends into your interior decoration, pay attention, the following is for you. Trending colours, fashion furniture, wall decoration… We can tell you everything you need to know to convert your new home into an authentic fashion home. Do you have pen and paper? Take note!


Styles that are decoration trends

The variety of styles in interior design and decoration has come to stay. Contemporary settings with classical reminiscences, industrial environments based on a Nordic style, up-to-date rustic settings… The most popular trends will continue to hold a niche in interior design projects but, in terms of styles, the new decoration trends come loaded with new features.

Classics reinvent themselves and, with the new season in sight, settings are predicted inspired by three styles: the Wabi Sabi, the Japandi and the so-called Mid Century.

If you decide on the first option, you must decorate your interiors by wisely using the beauty of the imperfect, of the antique, while the Japandi style, a decoration trend that combines Japanese philosophy with Nordic inspiration, is particularly suitable for the living room.

However, if you prefer something more traditional but at the same time highly topical, nothing is better than to decorate your interiors with the Mid-Century style. Do you remember the aesthetics of the 50s? Exactly, this decoration trend with checkerboard style wooden floors and powerful colours full of simplicity is recycled and modernised to play a leading role in the new year’s proposals. Do you have the courage to use it?

Classics are reinvented in 2019 with three styles: Wabi Sabi, Japandi and Mid Century

Materials and textures

Furniture and accessories are two basic issues in the decoration of any new house or in those which, without being so, seek to take on a totally refurbished look. A good part of the new decoration trends can be applied by referring to these chapters. With regard to the materials, cork and esparto can be included in a multitude of interiors without sacrificing the important role of wood, which will continue to be very evident in cladding, furniture, accessories…

However, fashion furniture will come made of metal structures and textures, such as velvet. Pieces, such as the sofa in the living room, for example, will be redefined to the point of designing items that, more than just to sit on, will be an invitation to lie down. The kitchen, in turn, opens the door to dark and functional furniture, while in the bathroom, terrazzo floors will be predominant.

Indeed, terrazzo and ceramics will also hold a niche among next year’s decoration trends so, if you are thinking of making a few work shelves or renewing the counter, this is a good way to create fashion furniture.


Gilt, in turn, emerges with force as a decoration trend and you can incorporate it into your home in the form of accessories (a picture frame, a centrepiece, a coat rack…), faucets, and even the textiles of your home. The latter will be full of colour in 2019, with no lack of geometric patterns, plant motifs or fashion colours.

Remember, though, that the crucial matter is to confer harmony on your interiors, therefore, before going crazy trying to incorporate all the decoration trends into your interiors, it is better to calmly analyse them first. Occasionally, it will be more enriching to call attention to a particular point of decoration using good lighting, rather than overwhelm the setting with various elements without order.



Trending colours

The range of colours for interiors in 2019 will not allow you to look on indifferently, given that, beyond the stolid neutral tones, a palette of colours appears on the scene in a trend emphasising dark tones. From reds to greens and deep blues, interiors are filled with contrasts, although decoration trends also leave room for the combination of light colours with warm shades, such as orange or burgundy.

Textiles, fashion furniture and even walls will be your best allies to flood your new house with chromatic nuances. Are you looking for an elegant and sophisticated setting or something more lively that can awaken your creativity? These trending colours will help you create the best scenario regardless of the setting you are looking for.

Latest trends in wall decoration

Trending colours are not the only thing that will allow you to give your interiors a unique personality. Future fashion gives special attention to the walls of the house. Natural fibres in the form of decorative accessories, golden frames, lines and even pictures, will not be the exclusive asset of the customisation of trending textiles and furniture, they will also form part of the chapter on the latest trends in wall decoration.

Wallpaper will be another major player, although, in this case, floral motifs and urban jungle settings will be the styles that will triumph in the next season. Are you ready to let your wild side have a turn? Accept the challenge with the new trends in decoration and convert your new house into an authentic custom-made home!

Gilt emerges with force as a decoration trend

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