Visit your future home without leaving the sofa

Índice interactivo
10 December, 2018 · 3 mins reading time

You’ve made up your mind, considering that your children are growing and space is lacking, you need to find a new home that would best suit your future needs.
You want to start searching for new property developments and your dream is to do so in the downtime available between dinner and bedtime, when your small hyperactive kids are finally asleep. As the saying goes; time is money! And you don’t even have a minute left over to visit all the real estate agencies to discover the pros and cons of each home… Your dream is to visit dozens of homes while sitting on your sofa and have an interior designer tell you all possibilities available so you can make a decision as quickly as possible.
And does this exist? Are you familiar with VR Video Listing? This involves a new format for interactive real estate tours, allowing you to perform guided tours from your sofa, thus enabling you to choose, in record time, those 2 or 3 options that really suit your needs and which you can visit later.
The real estate sector has undergone a revolution in sales and displays, but regarding tours, these have not evolved and are still considered a big waste of time. By using 3D, you can recreate and customise your future home in great detail, you can even stroll through a house still under construction by means of a 360 tour, but what will really help you make a full appraisal is to carry out a virtual guided tour with an interior designer explaining all the characteristics of the house and its environment, since your decision, besides being conditioned by your budget, will be a choice made from the heart. And we all know that when someone tells us a story, and we get excited, this person’s ranking immediately rises.

A disruptive format, the 360 real estate interactive guided tour

At “You Can Deco”, we are expert interior designers who can help you imagine how your dream house would actually look like through virtual decoration, and if you wish, we can apply the same to your future house. We are constantly developing tools that allow you to save time and money.
The decision to buy a new home is one of the most important decisions made during our lifetime, and not only do we need to know how many square meters we can buy, but we also want to imagine what our life will be like in a new environment, the impact of light, noise, the views, the distribution, the choice of furniture, the colours… If a real estate visit is reduced to a simple tour, it is possible that we could miss relevant information and for this reason, at VR Video Listing, we present an interior designer who explains, orally, those particular aspects that make each house unique, besides adding graphical supporting information so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs… and feel, even before making an onsite visit, that it is the right choice.
In addition, if the property development is still in the construction phase and it is possible to make changes, the interior designer can offer you several options during this 360 tour, explaining how the space environment would change depending on the colours, materials or furniture used, thus suiting different profiles.

With the VR Video Listing, you can quickly perform a virtual guided tour with an interior designer who will explain all the characteristics of the house and its environment.