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9 February, 2021

Metrovacesa, building a world on equality

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9 February, 2021

MVC is committed to equal opportunities between women and men

In 2018, when companies of fewer than 250 workers were not required to have an Equal Opportunity Plan[1], MVC voluntarily decided to formalize and articulate its commitment to equality between women and men by developing its I Women’s and Men’s Equal Opportunity Plan, incorporating it into the company as one more project, PIOMH Project.

For the management of the PIOMH Project, an Equality Commission was established, from which all its phases are led: diagnosis, proposal of measures, implementation and evaluations. For this purpose, it has an expert external technical assistance in Equality (Ansible, SL).

From the beginning, MVC has opted for the commitment of the PIOMH Project. After a year of work, in 2019, being aware that the proposed measures and the efforts made for their correct involvement were capable of obtaining formal recognition, MVC applied to the Ministry of Equality for the “Equality In Company Badge”, which has been granted to It [2].

This recognition not only highlights MVC’s good work, but reinforces its commitment to Equal Opportunities between Women and Men.


MVC promotes equal opportunities in selection processes

One of the measures envisaged in the I Equal Opportunity Plan has consisted of incorporating the recommendations to be followed in the selection processes to ensure equal opportunities in access to employment.
To this end, the candidates participating in the selection processes disaggregated by sex are monitored, being a practice that is expected to contribute to reducing horizontal segregation in those departments where staff of one sex and another predominate, in order to achieve in all of them a presence in equity (60/40).
Thanks to this practice, the selection made for the Talent Program 2020 achieved an insertion of 50% women and 50% men.

MVC advocates the presence of women in decision-making for the company

The presence of women on the Board of Directors of Metrovacesa is 25% (3 out of 12 members). This figure places us above the average percentage (18.5%) of women in these bodies contained in the last three annual corporate governance reports of securities issuers admitted to trading on official markets, published and updated by the National Securities Market Commission for all of these entities.
Likewise, in the Management Committee or Management Team, the presence of women amounts to 40% (4 out of 10 members).

On the other hand, it should be noted that, since the adoption of the Equality Plan, the presence of women in positions of Area Management or Department Directorate has increased by 5%, from 22% (4 out of 18) to 27% (6 out of 22) over the total number of people in these positions.


MVC actively reports, raises awareness and form on Equality between women and men

Actions related to information, awareness-raising and training on Equality are being carried out in different ways.

The first one through brief training workshops, some in the context of the internal initiative of informal colloquium talks in the kitchen (Coffee Chamber). Within the framework of the Equality Plan, 5 workshops have been held addressing the following topics: Workshop on Equality on the occasion of the commemoration of March 8, Inclusive and Non-Sexist Language Workshop, Workshop on Gender Violence, Sexual Harassment and Harassment for Sex, Workshop on Generational Diversity and Workshop on the Challenges of Having the Equality Badge in The Company. The commitment of these workshops has been kept alive even in the current conditions of telework because of the pandemic caused by the covid-19.

The second route of information and awareness-raising is channeled through the calendar of commemorative days related to gender equality, through which, on the days in which some aspect related to Equality is commemorated, a short article on the theme is published in the MVC Portico. In this format, 14 articles related to the celebration of the following International Days have been published:

• 06/02: International Zero Tolerance Day with Female Genital Mutilation
• 11/02: International Women’s and Girls’ Day in Science
• 22/02: International Equal Pay Day
• 08/03: International Women’s Day
• 19/06: International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict
• 11/10: International Girl’s Day
• 15/10: International Rural Women’s Day
• 25/11: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Thirdly, on 25 November 2020, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a forum for discussion was established through Microsoft Teams in order to share reflections on how the situation of confinement might have affected to women victims of gender-based violence.


MVC takes care of the health of its professionals by offering them a professional psychological support service

The pandemic situation caused by covid-19 has created new working and family coexistence conditions for all, meaning, in many cases, having to respond, at the same range of time, to work and personal responsibilities, as well as academic demands from children at home, which poses a significant risk of stress among the professionals of the company.

Not being the only complex situation that could have been lived during the confinement (solitude and other problems of coexistence), it was considered that, from equal opportunities, offering a professional psychological support service to all those who demanded it was a necessary practice to help them manage stress.

[1] In 2018 the obligation to have an equality plan was established for companies with more than 250 workers according to article 45 of Organic Law 3/2007, March 22, for the effective equality of women and men, subsequently amended with the publication of Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, March 1, which establishes the obligation from 50 workers.

[2] It submitted the application in 2019, in response to Order IGD/533/2020, of June 5, granting the “Equality in Business” badge for 2018, the resolution of which was published in order IGD/533/2020 5 June, which grants the “Equality in Company Badge”.

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