What colour should you paint your house?

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4 April, 2019 · 5 mins reading time

The colour you choose for your walls can help you improve spatial perception and change how you feel

The interior design of a home is all about the way we choose to control how we experience spaces, including open air and surfaces, in order to create a cosy atmosphere that moves us to say “home sweet home”. In the decorative process, choosing what colour to paint the house becomes an all-important issue since, far from being a simple tool, the colours we choose will have a direct effect on how a space feels and even our mood while we are in it.
Understanding something about the psychology of colour can help you choose wisely based on how you want people to feel in each room. However, there are many criteria that you can put into practice to find the best colours for painting a bedroom, your kitchen, your living room, etc. Seeking expert advice can help you decide, although, in practice, your own tastes and style will be determining factors.
Not sure what colour to paint your house? Here is a quick guide with some ideas that might serve as inspiration.


Colours have a direct effect on how a space feels and even on our mood while we are in it

Choosing the best colours for painting bedrooms

This room designed for resting is, by definition, the most intimate space in a home. Creating a warm atmosphere that invites relaxation is directly related to the colours we choose, and must include your choice of furniture, lighting, textiles and of course, decorative accessories.
So, what are the best colours for a bedroom? For example, is painting a double room for the parents the same as painting a bedroom for a young girl? The truth is that, as the saying goes, to each his own, and this is no different when it comes to colours. So, get out your pencil and paper and start taking notes.

White helps improve spatial perception in small double bedrooms

Colours for double rooms

Painting a double room requires careful thought, and you will have to consider not only that the space is meant for rest, but things like surface area, lighting, layout, etc. If you’re working on a small double bedroom, for example, white is one of the colours that will help you improve spatial perception, although you can get similar results by using sand, beige or light blue tones.
If you’re trying to find relaxing colours for a bedroom, the first choices should be greens, blues, greys and even shades of light pink. Would you like to paint your double bedroom with more trendy colours? Then don’t be afraid to adventure into the full colour palette and try indigo blue, mint green or turquoise.

Colour ideas for children’s rooms

Whether you’re working on a young boy or a young girl’s room, the truth is that these types of areas have some of their own peculiarities. Beyond the fact that they are constantly changing spaces, colours for children’s rooms need to work for more than just relaxation.
Awakening the creativity of its occupants, reflecting their personality or helping them to concentrate are some of the ideas that you should take into account when you’re trying to choose the best colours. Yellow, for example, is traditionally associated with energy, happiness or fun, while orange is connected more to creativity and enthusiasm. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional or less striking alternative, pastel tones (pink, blue, green, etc.) are old classics that always work well in children’s bedrooms.

Yellow is associated with energy, happiness and fun

Colours for painting a dining room

Falling within the so-called day-time area, the dining room is the place to be for social activities. The place where everyone meets, its design and decorations should reflect its versatility, since this area is where functionality and style walk hand in hand. Painting a dining room can contribute to this balance between two different dimensions, giving the area a truly inspiring feeling.
But, what are the best colours for painting dining rooms? The truth is that there is no single rule that should be applied to every situation, but instead we can find ideas for painting dining rooms that more or less reflect your tastes and needs. Would you like to create an elegant and contemporary atmosphere? Then try using grey or violet to colour your living room walls. Are you looking to give the space a touch of warmth? Oranges and reds can be risky, but if you combine them with white to counteract them, they can be a good colour option for a dining room.
Remember that, no matter what colour you choose, the key is to create a balanced atmosphere. So, besides the colours you choose to paint your walls with, you should carefully choose the rest of the elements that you will use to decorate the area. Wood, textiles or metal accessories usually work well, and the latter are especially trendy.

Top colours for kitchens

In recent years, kitchens have re-established themselves as some of the most important spaces in our homes. Far from being just simple workstations, they have become focus points in our social lives. The newest designs reflect the role of these spaces, and more and more often we are seeing ideas that transcend traditional designs to include creative and elegant solutions.
Even though it’s true that white is one of the most popular colours in kitchens, over time the dominance of this purity style has given way to more risky colour palettes. Although tile surfaces continue to be the norm, painted kitchens are becoming a more and more popular alternative. Yellows, sand colours, green tones and even elegant greys and blacks can give your kitchen a different, more captivating feel.
And you? Have you decided what colour to paint your house?