Share Capital

As of the day of admission to trading on 6th February 2018, the share capital of Metrovacesa, S.A. amounts to €1,092,069,657.44 divided into a single series of 151,676,341 shares, with a nominal value of € 7.20000001476829 each with ISIN code ES0105122024. The shares are totally subscribed and paid-up and grant the same rights to its owners.

All Metrovacesa, S.A.’s shares are admitted to public negotiation and quotation in the stock exchanges of Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia. Its ticker is MVC.

For Listing Bulletin purposes, the sectoral classification of Metrovacesa, S.A. is “Financial Services and Real Estate” within the sub-sector of “Real Estate and Other”.

Evolution of Share Capital

Date of presentation in Public Registry of CommerceActionFace Value (€)Number of shares issued / (amortized)Total amount (€)Total number of sharesTotal share capital (€)
Feb. 18, 2016Company Establishment0.163,075,278,15492,044,5053,075,278,154492,044,505
Sep. 19, 2017Capital Increase0.162,901,243,704464,198,992.645,976,521,858956,243,497.28
Oct. 27, 2017Capital Increase0.16224,05935,849.445,976,745,917956,279,346.72
Nov. 28, 2017Capital Increase0.16848,358,236135,737,317.766,825,104,1531,092,016,664.48
Jan. 8, 2018Capital Increase0.16331,20652,992.966,825,435,3591,092,069,657.44
Jan. 11, 2018 Reverse Stock Split7.20000001476829N/AN/A151,676,3411,092,069,657.44

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